Our Airless Tires are made from cutting-edge patented material we call Aither 1.1 this material allows them to be completely solid but ride like normal bike tires. Our tires aren't affected by thorns, nails, glass, or even pinch flats. Never use a pump again with Tannus tires. Just ride.


Thanks to our aither 1.1 material our tires are super light.  Starting at just 370g Tannus Tires weigh the same as most Tire+Tube+Rim tape combinations.

Various Colors

Tannus Tires come in 12 diverse colors to match your bike. Aither is resistant to staining, so your tires will always be colorful.

Long Life

Guarantaeed to last 5,000 miles with only a 1.5mm of wear, that's like biking from California to Florida back and then back to California.  Tannus tires last almost twice as long as normal road bike tires.

Use Existing Rim

You don’t have to change the rim. If you have the existing clincher type rim, it can be used with Tannus Tires.  

Maintenance Free

Since our tires contain no air in the conventional way, there is no need to carry pumps, tires, inner tubes, tools & leavers. 

Independently Safety Tested

This is gripping stuff! The Tannus Tire will be faithful, its durability and reliability has got validation from the most reputable German testing organisation TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein/Technical Inspection Association).

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